Sketches and Concept—Myanmar Protest T-Shirt

Here's a look at how the artwork used on the Myanmar Protest T-Shirt (available in black and white) came together.

After brainstorming and looking at the gear used at improvised protests (hard hats, goggles, helmets, etc.), I had the general concept together in my head. I then got help from a contact, LL, to help advise me on the messages in Burmese I wanted to incorporate. Then it was time to draw.

Pencil sketch for to protest art

I went with a walking billboard style for the script, something I imagined might be painted on at a protest. The result was two messages, one on the mask and the other on the jacket. Translated into English, they read:

    • Mask: We do not accept dictatorship
    • Jacket: Give our democracy back

Both of those are slogans used and seen at protests in Myanmar.

Right off the bat, the image was more or less how I wanted it. Next, it was time to create the final version.

Myanmar protest drawing

Fearless (2021)

Red is a color seen at Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) protests, which explains the color of the jacket. And If you look closely, the buttons refer to other protest movements.

If you'd like to help the people of Myanmar, consider donating to Mutual Aid Myanmar (a non-profit public charity in the US). Every cent donated goes directly to the people of Myanmar.

(Thanks to LL for advice and repeated script checks)

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