"Eat The Rich" printed in red over a drawing of a cheeseburger

Eat The Rich T-Shirts

In the latest addition to the store, I've added three variations of an Eat The Rich shirt.

Eat The Rich?

"Eat the rich" is a political slogan most often seen in association with anti-capitalism and class conflict/inequality. In terms of its origin, the phrase itself is attributed to the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who wrote the following in a criticism of the French nobility:

Quand le peuple n'aura plus rien à manger, il mangera le riche.

(When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.)

I chose to use this phrase out of my frustration with the growing (and increasingly extreme) inequalities I've seen since my youth that have come as a direct result of capitalism and politics (around the world) that only benefit corporations and the wealthy. In just the last couple years, inequalities have skyrocketed.

Graphic Tees as a Call to Action

The world needs solutions to these inequalities, which is why vocalizing these concerns and frustrations is so important. One way to do that is through protest. Another is to show your thoughts through art and apparel like my printed graphic shirts. Protest T-shirts make a statement and make those around you think; they're a call to action.

The T-shirts themselves feature bold lettering printed over an illustration of a cheeseburger (or cheeze burger in this case). The burger wrapper features the phrase 100% Rich Cheeze Burger, while the paper bag features the Eat The Rich slogan. In addition to being a call to action, the artwork is a commentary and critique of a society that often makes fast food cheap and healthy diets expensive (and that argues those suffering financially should suffer even more).

Be kind. Support artists. And support your communities.



White T-shirt with "Eat The Rich" printed in a bold font in red over a black and white illustration of a hamburger
Eat The Rich T-Shirt [White]
Black T-shirt with the anti-capitalism "Eat The Rich" slogan printed in red over a line drawing of a hamburger
Eat The Rich T-Shirt [Black]
White shirt printed with a black and white illustration of a hamburger whose wrapper and bag read "Eat The Rich"
Eat The Rich Double Cheeze Burger T-Shirt



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