The Artist

Profile Photo of Visual Artist Andrew Browne

Andrew Browne is an artist, and illustrator from Minneapolis, USA, and based in Sapporo, Japan. Drawing both digitally and traditionally, his work explores the subcultures, youth, and politics of the films that permeated his formative years and sparked his career in visual art. Andrew works on a freelance, independent basis, creating comics, artwork for bands, and fine art drawings.

An emerging artist, Andrews' artwork has been exhibited at museums and galleries in the United States and Japan. You can learn more about Andrew and his artwork on his website. Reach out if you'd like to discuss a project or commission work.

You can also follow Andrew on Twitter and Instagram. Process videos and glimpses of how Andrew works can also be found on his YouTube channel.


The Store

Based in Sapporo, Japan, AndrewBrowne.Store is home to an ever-changing selection of printed T-shirts by artist Andrew Browne. The concept behind the initial launch was to make art and illustration wearable and something to show off, using graphic tees as a medium to showcase Andrew's visual style and obsession with detail.

The store's lineup is updated periodically throughout the year, with prints ranging from pop art to punk and protest art. Andrew Browne's style mixes fine art and comics, infusing each printed tee with a unique vibe and brilliant detail.

You can contact the store here.


The T-Shirts

Our T-shirts are all 100% cotton, sweatshop-free, and eco-aware. These are some of the softest and best fitting T-shirts out there. Size guides are available on each product page.

Our graphic T-shirts are printed on demand—a more eco-friendly choice—using 100% vegan, Oeko-Tex® certified inks. This means the prints are CPSIA-compliant, 100% non-hazardous, and 100% non-toxic. These water-based inks also have a high washing colorfast AATCC rating of 4. Better choices for a better final product.

All T-shirts are priced at $45.00 (tax included) and ship globally. Additionally, all orders over $80 receive free shipping.


The Donations

Given the environmental and humanitarian problems facing the planet, it's important for us to give back. Our choices add up, and Andrew wanted this store to do more. Therefore, a portion of every T-shirt sale (¥500 JPY, or roughly $4.00 USD) will be donated to charities in Japan. You can read more about the charities on the Donations page.

Donations will be reported quarterly over social media. Follow Andrew on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date.


The Tools

Andrew draws digitally and with physical media. Below are some of the apps and tools he uses in his creative process.

Digital—Procreate and Clip Studio Paint

Physical media—Zebra ballpoint pens, mapping pen (Maru pen) nibs, Muse illustration board, Kent paper


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